About us

GP electronics bvba was founded in 1993. In advance many years of providing processinstrumentation to the industry.

From the beginning we focussed on signalconverters and flowmeters for both gases and liquids. Afterwards we extended these technologies with other industrial measurements like: level, pression, temperaturedetection, instruments for distribution of water and energycounters.

We maintain very good and exclusive connections with worldfame suppliers who are experts in their field. They help us to provide professional advice for various applications.
Every application is unique and deserves special attention and because of our diversity in product together with our experience over the years we can you offer the correct solution.

Our quotations and advices are FREE ! We enjoy providing you the best possible solution with respect for all requirements:
- accuracy
- budget
- requirements of the process
- control of instrument
- installation costs
- maintenance demands and costs

Because of cooperation with various integrators and engineering offices we also can help you with:
- realisation of a project
- study
- detailled study, ready for execution
- put-in-place
- possibility to rent certain instruments
- education
- maintenance
- service after sale

There is a team of motivated people ready to help you chosing the best possible instrument for your requirements !