Introducing the World’s Most Accurate Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Sierra Instruments today introduces their new QuadraTherm™ 640i / 780i Thermal Mass Flow Meter Series, marking a disruptive breakthrough in thermal dispersion technology. With its sensor design advancements, coupled with a proprietary iTherm “Brain”, the 780i inline version achieves gas mass flow rate measurement accuracy of +/- 0.5% of reading above 50% of the full scale (Air) making it the most accurate thermal meter in the industry. Before today, this level of accuracy was never thought possible with thermal dispersion mass flow meters.


PR electronics new 3000 series

PR electronics sets new standards for signal conditioning with 6 mm

There are products designed for factory automation and products
designed for process automation... and then there are the slim
converters and isolators of the 3100 series, that cover it all!

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